Library Facts

How big IS our Library?
As of our last inventory, our Neihardt Library is home to over 11,000 books.

Who can check out? How many books can they check out? 
Preschool students begin by checking out one board book at a time and gradually increase to two picture books before the end of the school year. 
Kindergarten students begin by checking out one picture book and increase to two picture books. They expand into the non-fiction section later in the year. 
First and Second graders may check out two books at a time. 
Third through Fifth graders may check out two items at a time. They may check out one magazine at a time. Special considerations may be given during research projects.

When can students use the Library? 
The Neihardt Library runs on an open check-out system. This means that students may come in anytime during school hours to use the facility. Some classroom teachers have a scheduled day that they bring the entire class in for check-out, however, students are not limited to that time. 

How long can materials be kept? 
Books and magazines are checked out for a two-week period. 

What happens if a student has an overdue book? 
If a student has an overdue book or magazine, they are not allowed to check out anything else until the overdue item is either renewed or returned. Neihardt does not charge overdue fines. Weekly overdue notices are sent home on Thursdays.

What happens if a book is lost or damaged? 
If a book or magazine becomes torn, please show it to one of the staff members in the Library. Our experienced staff can easily repair most of these tears. Please do not attempt repairs yourself. If a book or magazine is lost or damaged past the point of repair, it is the student's responsibility to pay for its replacement before check out privileges can be reinstated.  Do not go to a local bookseller to buy a replacement copy -- our books have special library bindings to hold up to our high checkout rates.