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Student Dress Code


An individual’s grooming, the way he/she dresses, has a direct bearing on their behavior and how others react to them. Students are expected to be clean in dress and appearance. Dress should be suitable for classroom and school activities. It is the parent’s and child’s responsibility to see that the child is dressed appropriately for school.

The following clothing or types of dress are prohibited:
1.      Dress which creates or has the potential to create a health or safety problem.
2.      Dress which contains vulgar or offensive words or language or is sexually explicit, indecent, or   lewd.
3.      Dress which promotes, advocates, or advances the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. This includes dress which displays the logo or trademark of any brands of alcohol or tobacco.
4.      Hats and caps are not to be worn inside the building. These items are to be stored in the coat storage area or backpacks.
5.      Spaghetti straps, tank tops (if straps are less than 2 finger widths), midriffs, tube tops, halter tops, and see-through tops are prohibited. An option is to wear a shirt under these items.
6.      The “sagging pants” look is not appropriate for school. Pants are expected to be worn up around the waist.
7.      Length of shorts or skirts are to be mid-thigh or longer. (Basically, these items are to be at least finger-tip length when the arms are extended down at the sides.)
8.      Unsafe footwear for PE and Gymsic. Please make sure to have tennis shoes for PE and Gymsic days. These can be worn when needed or kept at school or in a student’s backpack.

It is strongly recommended that all clothing items, and other outerwear, be clearly labeled with the student’s name. If a student is wearing inappropriate clothing, an administrator or staff member will conference with the student in order to determine an appropriate plan of action necessary to correct the situation. Parents or guardians will be contacted if the problem cannot be resolved between student and teacher. Final authority to deal with improper dress will rest with the school administration. In dealing with all matters of dress and decorum, common sense and reasoning will prevail.

Thanks for your cooperation and support ahead of time!

Neihardt Staff